drunken mountain ever sleeping far above brown belfast, dirty men with dirty feet dancing ever noble and soaring, beneath are weeping women and ragged ould linen, bravery hidden within the white eyed children of hope


thick sound, smothering several thousand threads … crossing back and forth as well-tossed waves far from shore, past Donaghadee silence seemed to be the solution, now seemingly chaotic, this rapturous symphony seals diving, up and breathing, once forgotten long-forms black in their silken sogginess mere elements amongst a greater composition stars, reflected and battered as … Continue reading DIVINITY AND THE OCEAN


went down to the boundary twisting steps, sea pinks, gorse scratched these thorough thick thighs all along the way, sipped the foam at Orclock's rocky ould shore waded in, past shins, up and up went the bitter waters drank myself to a sleep climbed into the celestial realm fought stars up there fought fights that … Continue reading JOB