Rambeau never said it better
that the darkness loves the soul

we embrace, in darkness, we love
our bodies as one amongst the shadows

we are a series of breathless shapes
casting our essences into the darkness

each tear, each smile, replete with emotion and
we imagine ourselves together, forever

our love is like blood flowing freely over
the straight spikes of ‘normal’

humourous, frivolous, delightful
dark and energetic and quick and painful

this is love
this is everything combined into two persons



longing for the oneness after sunset

eden given through
one endless embrace

motionless we touch
skin senses skin

all around the brutal storm of life, but
within we are airborne

a certain delicacy of delight fills
the void of a thousand glances

never before and never again shall we
meet with this moment, together forever

I remember our beginning, the beginning
of eternity … of our heaven … of everything much better

for tonight, this everlasting night, I am an oyster
and you the precious pearl

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