thick sound, smothering
several thousand threads … crossing
back and forth as well-tossed waves
far from shore, past Donaghadee

silence seemed to be the solution, now
seemingly chaotic, this rapturous symphony
seals diving, up and breathing, once forgotten long-forms
black in their silken sogginess

mere elements amongst a greater composition

stars, reflected and battered as old rope
blue and grey, half torn, almost rusted
frayed webs amongst the turquoise darkness

bitten off once

angled and multi-patterned, this surface
fish within
chop off the white into the wind

His creation
perfection amongst the chaos
underlying numbers rule this saline kingdom
numbers as crystals, dissolved

beautiful emptiness
more than full

nothing is secret to Him
nothing will cut the skin of the Architect
no taut line may draw silvery crimson

no oaths out here
too far for dreams
too pleasant, this ocean wilderness
too many struggling beings for a plaster to fix

all heads lowered
all limbs thrashing
all eyes half closed
as Jupiter’s many moons, half shadowed in anger
raging against their Mother

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