got the back of me, this alligator

got well into my brain, square centered now

medication ain’t takin’ him hostage
he’s alive as hell

sure is messy in here, fears well smeared round
bio-strings and synapses

every joy a sorrow

every smile a grimace

long hair

old cottons


I’m still strummin’ well

wrestlin’ wit the beastie’s big muscles

hoppin’ when I can’t walk

slashin’ the pavement when I fail to step
forwards, one by one, drunk in a sense

drunk on fear

laughin’ at the face of the apocalypse

ocean bound, but still afloat

dancin wit waves five feet high

singin in the swell

keepin ‘im in check

sure, he’ll take me over the edge

and I’m comforted by the fact that
we’ll both die

we’ll both be dead

well happy in Heaven then

he’ll be my pooch on a leash

I’ll ride on his back …

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