went down to the boundary

twisting steps, sea pinks, gorse scratched these thorough thick thighs

all along the way, sipped the foam at Orclock’s rocky ould shore

waded in, past shins, up and up went the bitter waters

drank myself to a sleep

climbed into the celestial realm

fought stars up there

fought fights that lovers fight, all within

all without

and the sea droned

moaned and


seen it all before, you sea

friends came and went

each leaving with a special purpose

special assignments, I had declined to fulfill some

rain came

snow balled me down as this head drooped

and the deep Irish sea swelled up

swallowed me

God spat me out

puked me forth real good

till I stood all afresh upon the shifting shore

in the distance, trees, viridian green

I was alive again

alive again

newborn amongst the swept up kelp and limpids

all ready to rock forth, to

rock the froth

each new day means new one thousand new breaths

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