the me inside is very different from the me outside

I seek only to heal and Love

I seek only to be there, to be true


outwardly I wreck and fuss

leaving so much undone, pictures not hung

shelves not soldered onto walls

clothes strewn across the bedroom floor

like discarded thoughts

yesterdays rubbish, yesterdays cares


BUT the true me comforts you

inside my head

as the children scream and emit strange forces beyond our control

wobbling the very walls of our house!


the road to hell is paved with good intentions

am I ‘good intentions’ ?


surely something must pass through

surely I have attained some lightness against the pure white feather of truth


perhaps not

I must remain humble

BUT I do love

and I do try, and try

and try, and try


nothing can unsettle this heart for it is set upon its goal

to bring happiness to my many Loves

to my singular Love


turn all you want, wild world

for I shall still stand up to you

face you with any strength I have

You’re a crooked, vicious and evil brute

and I’ll fight you with socks on or off


and I’ll win

for I’ve already won

and Love is the prize

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